Alunsina – the jealous goddess


I was asked: “Which Philippine god or goddess are you?”

I have no idea which one I want to be. I haven’t even got the slightest idea about Philippine deities. Then this story came up in class…

When the universe was all mushy and everything is deformed in some incomprehensible way, two gods came out of nowhere: Tungkung Langit and Alunsina.

Tungkung Langit is somewhat like my dream man: industrious, loving, sweet and kind.

Alunsina is like Tungkung Langit‘s polar opposite. She’s lazy, jealous and selfish.

I wonder why Tungkung Langit still courted her. She’s such a pain in the back.

Then I realized…

“Oh, they’re the only ones there.”

Yeah, right.

Moving on, they courted for years (is that even possible this days?) and then married eventually. What a surprise.

They moved in the portion of the universe where the water is warm and the breeze is cool. Now that’s a nice crib.

When the guys are away, the girls will play. Literally. When Tungkung Langit goes back to the mushy part of the universe, Alunsina will just play by the pool beside their house and comb her long, silky, jet-black hair. How vain!

Then one day, the hunk of a man went to his wife and told her that he wants order in the mushy universe. The problem is, it will take him several days to finish it. (Wow? How do they even measure a day by that time?) So yeah, the wife agreed and bode him goodbye.

But of course, Alunsina wouldn’t be called the jealous goddess for nothing, right?

So she called the ocean breeze (apparently, in all the mush there in the universe, there’s a living ocean breeze that you can ask favors to) to spy on her husband.

Wait, who would she be jealous to? THEY’RE THE ONLY ONES THERE.

Oh well, back to the story. Of course hubby learned about the ocean breeze and his wifey’s jealousy so he went back to his wifey and took all of her powers and banished her. (Wow, what a cruel and sick punishment for being jealous)

And since they’re the only ones there, being left alone made Tungkung Langit really depressed and took great measures to see his other half again.

He made a large pool of water so, maybe – just maybe, Alunsina‘s silhouette might be reflected.

This became the Ocean. But still no signs of Alunsina.

Feeling desperate, Tungkung Langit created Land and planted trees and plants and such.

He scattered his wifey’s stuffs all over the place. Alunsina‘s jewels were scattered in the ground;

Her jewelries hung in the sky and became the Stars; Her comb hung beside the jewelries and became the moon; and Her crown hung in the middle of the sky which became the Sun.

But still no sign of Alunsina.

Tungkung Langit felt sadder and sadder each passing day. Sometimes, teardrops fall to the ground and becomes the rain. Thunders were heard when he’s sobbing and calling out her name.

He calls…but no one answers.

Well, that was a tragic story, isn’t it? And now you’re wondering why my title is Alunsina, right?

I kinda think that I’m the same as her.

Well, I think a lot of ladies thinks so too.

First: she’s lazy. Honestly, I am. Who isn’t? Projects and homeworks? I’d rather do them the night before its due. It’s a truth. No man would ever say he never felt laziness at some point in his life and I’m just being honest here.

Second: she’s selfish. I’m not really that selfish, but when it comes to things I love the most, well, its a different story. I’m selfish about my food. When I don’t want to share, I don’t. But that rarely happens. I’m also selfish with my friends. There are times I just want to spend time with them even if they have stuffs to do. I just feel bad when they’re not around. And lastly: I’m selfish with my man. Yes, you can be with him and stuffs like that but I easily feel jealous. And that brings us to the third one…

Third: She’s jealous. I do get jealous. A LOT. Even those petty things. Especially worse during that time of the month for girls. So I kinda understood what Alunsina went through. Maybe it’s just her time of the month. Or, maybe its a different thing. But being jealous is not rare to girls. Its hard to find a girl who never gets jealous. So my message to all guys out there: PLEASE UNDERSTAND. Its really how we, girls, are made. We’re just protecting our other halves but sometimes, it get’s really out of hand.

Tungkung Langit made a wrong decision of banishing the one he loves. He should’ve just understood that girls only feel jealousy when talking about their man. She wouldn’t be jealous if you’re not special to her.

So be proud that your wifey is jealous. That only means you’re special to her and she really cares about you. A LOT.


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